New Year’s Circling retreat in Oslo, Norway


In September 2013, 22 people got to experience Circling for the first time in Oslo, Norway. It was a spectacular event with lots of breakthroughs, spiritual insights and deep, intimate relating.

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On January 4th, we invite you back to Oslo for another round of this profound practice.

If you participated in September, you will know that Circling is a powerful relational meditation practice that catalyzes our growth like no other thing we have encountered.

Eventbrite - New Years Circling retreat in Oslo, Norway

If you didn’t participate in September, here’s a simple video that gives you an idea of what results this practice brings:

Does this seem interesting? Then read on…

What is Circling and what can it give you?

Circling is an intersubjective meditation practice. We playfully refer to it as “Mindfulness 2.0”, and believe it is the missing link in the process of integrating spiritual practice into the messy and unpredictable arena of relationships.

On the surface, Circling is a practice where a group of people sit in a circle/horseshoe facing the person being circled. We start by dropping into ourselves, feeling what it is like to be me in this moment, and then we turn our attention towards the Circlee.

From this space of intense presence, we explore what it is to like to be in relationship with them and try to get what it’s like to be them. We call this process “Weaving shared reality”.

In the weaving of shared reality, we find that blindspots keep getting revealed. Blindspots are those parts of ourselves that are so close to who we are that they have become invisible to us (but rarely to others). In fact, the practice of Circling may be just the thing required to reveal to you “the water you are swimming in”. It may be challenging to our egos, but it brings deep transformation and healing.

Guided by Zen master Suzuki Roshi’s famous quote “Everyone is perfect, and we could all use some work”, we embrace each other’s peculiarities while challenging and loving each other towards greater self-love and self-acceptance.

For most people, the level of connection possible in Circling is something they have never experienced. It raises the bar for what is possible in relationships. We dare promise that knowing  just how beautiful and nourishing being with another can be will change your life forever.

What Circling is not

Circling is a meditation practice and not a therapeutic practice, although it does tend to have therapeutic results. It is more in the realm of play than therapy.

Strangely, we have found that the more we stress to get somewhere in our personal process, the less chance we have of getting there. Circling is the practice of letting go and letting the natural unfolding take us where we are not smart enough to go ourselves.

In a sense, it’s a practice of getting out of our own way to explore the magic and wisdom that is always right here. It’s a practice of undoing, not of doing.

Why we love Circling

  • Deep insights and breakthroughs
  • Passion and intimacy
  • Its simplicity
  • The trust it generates
  • It can reveal to us our latent talents and inherent goodness
  • The bar for what is possible in relationships is reaised
  • The most potent application of Integral Theory we know

The team

Our friends John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson from Circling Europe are back to help us run this course.


John and Sean are currently travelling the world offering their brand of this unique practice. They are personal friends of us in Authentic Norway and we love them dearly.

They are becoming a bit of a hit in the Integral and self-development world and have been featured in several interviews. Here’s a small excerpt of what people say about them:

“John and Sean are making an awesome contribution to the emergence of outrageous love and radical intimacy through their ‘circling work’. With open hearts, profound skill, and insightful minds, they are taking circling to the next level. Circling is an important example of an emergent World Spirituality technology. Don’t miss their work.”

– Marc Mordechai Gafni (World Leading Integral Spiritual teacher and Pioneer of the Unique self Teaching and leader of the World Spiritual centre)

“I not only endorse the work Sean and John are pioneering in Circling, I highly recommend experiencing a weekend with these guys, sooner the better, while they’re still in this very sweet phase of supporting communities. They will undoubtedly become grand masters in the next several years, all the more reason to come drop in to deep intimacy with them now!”

Decker Cunov (founder of Circling, Authenticworld and President of the Integral Centre, Boulder)

“Excellent work, highly needed in today’s world”

Ken Wilber, author & philosopher

“I could attempt to describe “how” these guys do this, however, all attempts could never explain the miracles they pull off. All I can say is if you spend any time with them, you’ll come out of that relational event living in an entirely different world. These guys simply LIVE the EMBODIMENT of what your about to experience!”

Guy Sengstock (Founder of Circling, Course leader and Pioneering Philosopher)

Sean and John will be accompanied by the lovely people in Authentic Norway: Eivind Figenschau Skjellum (co-facilitator), Ann-Kathrin Gloppen, Anne Kristiansen, Alanja Forsberg and Eystein Esbensen.

Testimonials from participants in September

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms now… what an amazing ride this was! THANK YOU ALL!! 

– Henk

I loved my weekend with you beautiful people. I thank you form the bottom of my heart, and I feel a great desire in keeping up connection with other people in my life. There is also a sense of sadness in leaving the circle, and a fear of not experiencing it again with you. It feels like I want for it to last, and take root in my life.

– Silje

Thank you everyone for an amazing day! I had my most profound spiritual experince so far being circled – a special thank you to my group for being part of what allowed that experience to take place.

– Morten

Time and space, relaxing and reassuring, mixed with humility and respect. Challenging, inspiring, educational and something to grow on. Thank you for an energizing weekend and all the varm hugs. I’m in for more!

– Grete


Practical information

Time and place: The workshop will again be hosted in Paramita meditation center, situated in Storgaten 13 in Oslo (detailed directions will be provided). Times are 11.00 – 20.00 on Saturday and 11.00 – 18.00 on Sunday.

Price: We try to keep our prices reasonable and ask that you pay 2200 NOK (+Eventbrite fees) for the weekend with us. That is around £225 or €270. We also have various group discounts and an early bird ticket.  We have a small number of scholarships for those with financial challenges (contact us regarding scholarship).

Sign up: We have room for 30 people and believe that the workshop is going to fill up. We’d hate to lose you so we suggest you act quickly.

About payment: We really prefer that you pay with Paypal (saves us much time and energy), but if you live in Norway and it is absolutely necessary, we can send you an invoice (click “show other payment options”). In that case, we will send you the invoice by e-mail. Please pay it when you receive it, as that makes it much easier for us.

 Gift idea: Participation at this workshop is an excellent X-mas present idea for someone who has it all. It’s guaranteed to transform your friendship or relationship if you both go (we even have a discount package for you and three friends; way to bring value and transformation to your social circle!).

If you order in time for X-mas, we’ll send you a beautiful PDF file that you can print on nice paper and hand out as a gift card to go with the workshop ticket. You must order before Dec 20 and contact Eivind before noon CET the same day. (Please include your desired greeting text in the e-mail). Important: Orders after this time will not receive gift cards, even if requested.


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Welcome to our city retreat. We can think of no better way to start the new year than dropping in with a big group of amazing people. We would be honored to have you join us.

With warm wishes,
The Authentic Norway team